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Frog Collection

Frogs are amphibians that inhabit most parts of the world where there is fresh water. A frog can lay as many as 4,000 eggs that develop as tadpoles in the water. When the tadpoles mature into adults, their tail shrinks and the adult frogs go to live on land.

Most frogs are carnivorous; they use their sticky tongues to catch flies and other fast-moving insects. Frogs are strong swimmers because they have large leg muscles and webbed feet. Many frogs depend on camouflage to avoid predators, but they are able to jump long distances to evade fish, snakes and birds. The skin of many frogs contains toxic substances called bufotoxins that make them unpalatable or poisonous to potential predators.

Frog salt and pepper shakers
Salt and Pepper Shakers +

Frog collectibles are very popular. Characters, like Kermit the Frog, enliven Sesame Street's television program and can be found in many toy stores. Curiosity shops and souvenir shops also sell a variety of frog-themed products like keychains, bottle openers, salt shakers, garden ornaments, decorative knick-knacks and trinkets. These web pages provide a sample of a frog collection of many different styles and materials. Some of the frogs figurines have been designed by commercial artists, but others have been individually hand-crafted. Click on the images for more information and to enlarge them.

Porcelain Frog Ball

Big Foot Frog

Frog with black spots

Dutch ceramic frog

Bronze frog with jade eyes

Bronze frogs with umbrella

Mother frog with brood

Rubber toad with bumpy skin

Frog birthday candle

Smiling frog candle

Souvenir frog from Capri

Clay frog on lily pad

Chinese cloisonne frog

African cloth frog

Crystal frog with black eyes

Pewter frog detective

Frog carved from ebony

Frog fishing lure

Frog playing football

Fuzzy frog

Frog snowglobe

Crystal frog with gold head and feet

Crystal frog with golden lips

Frog with gold crown

Shaggy frog

Hillbilly frog

Frog incense burner

Frog in love

Sentimental frog

Jade frog

Frog with magnetic legs

Russian jumping frog

Mexican fat frog

Multicolor frog

Frog nutcracker

Mexican obsidian frog

Jamaican frog on tree bark

Bronze frog on bench

One-eyed frog

Ceramic frog pair

Brown ceramic frog pair

Plastic frog pair

Pensive frog

Pewter frog

Frog brooch

Pink soft frog

Russian frog rattle

Bronze frog reading

Reclining frog

Frog in rocking chair

Sad frog

Frog made from tiny shells

Frog ashtray

Smiling plastic frog

Squeaky toy frog

Brazilian frog paperweight

Bathtub frog

Frog with Texas hat

Frog thinking

Frog towel hanger

Frog with bristles

Frog with human teeth

Frog with human teeth

Frog with yellow spots

Woman frog

Underside of Woman frog

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