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Frog Collection - Frog souvenir from Capri

Frog souvenir from Capri

Tourist souvenirs
Capri is an island on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in Italy. Many vacation destinations have little inexpensive souvenirs that tourists can buy as a reminder of their visit. It is frustrating to buy a souvenir in Europe only to find a small label on the bottom that says "Made in China". This is the reality of increased international trade. Many things can be obtained cheaper from China than when manufactured in a country with a higher cost of living.

This ceramic frog from Capri was designed to have glass eyes inserted in the small side cavities of the head, but whoever manufactured it decided to just paint a black dot on the brow ridge leaving the eye socket hollow. I don't know if this frog was made in Capri or in China, but whoever made it did a bad job!

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