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Frog Collection - Frog with brood

Mother frog tending to her brood

The Life Cycle of frogs.
Frogs lay a clump of eggs in water or wet places. Each egg starts as a single cell that divides repeatedly until an embryo forms. After 21 days, the embryo emerges from the egg as a tadpole which lives in the water. After about five weeks, the tadpole tails become smaller and their hind legs and forelegs start to grow. Lungs begin to develop, and the young frog starts to breathe air. Eleven weeks after the egg was laid, a frog with lungs, legs, and no tail emerges from the water. Frogs live mostly on land and swim occasionally. They live by eating insects and worms. Frogs croak loudly at night to find a mate, and the life cycle repeats after mating.

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