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Fifty Years of My Life (1939 - 1990)
A Memoir by Jeff R. Noordermeer
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1939-1940  The old city of Rotterdam before World War II
- Aerial bombing of Rotterdam by German forces

1940-1945  During the war in Rotterdam and Limburg
- Germany overpowers Holland
- Spiritual life during the war
- Germany tries to assimilate Dutch youth
- The Nazis take control of Holland
- Persecution of Jews and food shortages
- The Allied offensive gains momentum
- Stealing food to survive
- The Germans start to retreat from Belgium in World War 2
- Allied forces cross into Germany
- American Toops Get Established in Holland
- American Negro Soldiers during World War 2
- American Troops cross the Siegfried line into Germany
- American Troops fortify their positions
- Dutch Nazi collaborators get captured
- American Troops continue their advance into Germany
- Nazi Germany surrenders

1945-1957  After the war
- The influence of my grandparents
- Studying mechanical engineering
- Indonesia gains independence and Dutch colonists come home
- Working in the Dutch coal mines
- Digging coal and drinking beer
- The roof of the coal mine collapses
- Recovery from my injury and received a letter from the U.S.
- Application for immigration to the United States

1957-1960  Coming to America
- How I ended up in Syracuse instead of Milwaukee
- Trying to find work in America
- My first paycheck from the foundry
- Too much food and drink at the company picnic
- My first visit to New York City
- The Selective Service sends me a notice
- Service in the segregated U.S. Army
- My first Thanksgiving in the Army
- Going to New York after the Army
- A bad experience at the YMCA
- Working at the Dairy Plant
- Learning the Dairy Business
- Learning to drive and getting a driver's license
- How I Crashed my Car
- Heavy Boozing and Dating
- My Jewish Girlfriend
- My Visit to Toronto, Canada
- My trip from Syracuse to New York City
- Life goes on and on
- How I met my Burmese girlfriend Lu Lu
- Having Fun with LuLu in the Farm
- Lu Lu goes to Washington, D.C.

1960-1981  Washington, D.C. Area
- A new job, and doubts about my relationship with Lu Lu
- My responsibilities increase at Embassy Dairy
- I got blamed for all the problems at work
- Southland Corporation buys Embassy Dairy
- My Trip back to Holland
- My father has a tragic death and I get married
- The death of President Kennedy shocks the nation
- Diplomatic parties at the Burmese Embassy
- Our circle of friends in Washington grows
- Our South Vietnamese Friends
- Dinner at the South Vietnamese Embassy
- Racial attitudes in Washington
- The assassination of Martin Luther King and the riots
- The oppressing poverty of Washington
- A trip to Florida and the death of President Eisenhower
- My trip to Holland and England with Lu Lu
- My family meets Lu Lu
- Our weekends in the Shenandoah Mountains
- Drinking Virginia Moonshine
- The Southland Corporation moves to Waldorf
- My mother comes from Holland to visit
- My responsibility at the dairy increases
- The workload at the dairy increases
- Personality Clashes over Management Attitudes
- A Good Friend Dies
- Our Burmese Friends
- The Opinions or our Vietnamese Friends
- Saving Money for a Long Trip
- Getting ready for our trip to Asia

1981-1982  A trip through Southeast Asia
- Touring San Francisco
- Hawaii is as beautiful as they say
- Flying from Hawaii to Hong Kong
- Arrival in Singapore
- Law-enforcement in Singapore
- Singapore Nightlife
- Meeting a friend away from home
- Arrival in Jakarta
- The Indonesian Markets
- Disparity of Economic Levels
- Wonderful Hospitality
- Arrival in Bangkok
- Our first day in Bangkok
- Visit to the Bangkok temples
- Chinese New Year in Thailand
- Traveling by River In Thailand
- Nude Dancers in Bangkok
- Last Day in Thailand
- Manual cultivation methods
- Far away from civilization
- No toilet facilities
- Burmese Hospitality
- Buddhism in Burma
- The Shwedagon Terrace
- The Story of Colonel Tin Tut
- Flight to Mandalay
- Pagodas, Buddhas, and Palm Readers
- The Mountains in Burma
- Sleeping under mosquito nets
- The Last Day in Burma
- Flying back home
- Our Return to Washington

1982-1990  A philosophy of life
- Promotion to Quality Control Manager
- A tour of the dairy
- Two car accidents in two months
- Symptoms of heart problems start
- How I drove to the hospital during a heart attack
- My balloon angioplasty
- Learning to live with a heart condition
- General Mowu Gwizan from Nagaland
- Health problems start to slow me down
- Another Heart Attack
- Recovery from a Heart Operation
- Visit from Harold Courlander
- The spirit of God is everywhere
- My Christian friends
- A trip back home
- The Dutch melting pot
- Remembering how things were
- Healing of the land
- The Decline of Religious Values
- The Newspaper Interview
- Lu Lu's health deteriorates
- Lu Lu's operation
- Sometimes medicines make you feel worse
- Accept what life brings you
- Prospects for Peace
- The melting pot reshapes the country
- The important things in life

June 9, 2009  Epilogue - Jeff Noordermeer passed away
- Jeff Noordermeer's Funeral

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World War II
After the War
Coming to America
Washington, D.C.
Southeast Asia
Philosophy of Life

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