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Fifty Years of My Life (1939 - 1990)
A Memoir by Jeff R. Noordermeer

Health problems start to slow me down

After General Gwizan was gone, I thought so many times about the story he told me. In most of the industrialized countries in the Western world the people are Christians. During the colonial times we benefited in many ways in that part of the world and left those people with some of our culture and ideas. Many of them gave their lives for us and would even do so today. We have become a society with an easy life and many comforts that in some way we have become very unfeeling towards other countries' welfare. As for the Naga people I feel they have the right to govern themselves. They have a culture, religion, totally different from the countries which surround them. With all the diplomatic policies we have with other countries and the most technical world we live in, I am sure that there are plenty of loopholes. It's well-known that the KGB is there, and why can't we put it in the newspaper that the CIA is also there to help the Naga people. The Naga people are friends of the free world, and we must keep them as friends in that part of the world.

As the summer went on we made more new friends. We were introduced to a Dutch girl who was hired by a friend of ours to look after his little son. Lucia Bresser, the Dutch girl, told me that she came to America to see something of our country. I asked her how she was able to come to America. She told me that she saw an advertisement in one of the Dutch newspapers asking for young Dutch girls to see something in America, and in return they would live in as domestic help. A Dutch family who owned a real estate firm in Alexandria had put this advertisement in one of the Dutch newspapers, and if one of the girls wrote to them they would tell the girl to come on a 2 1/2 year visitor's visa. The girls were paid $1.50 an hour and lived in. After two months or so they could go to another state and work with other people under the same conditions. Lucia went to Minnesota first and then spent some time on her own in California. Somehow this Dutch real estate man had connections with people in other states and was getting very cheap domestic help in his house without minding government regulations, like paying social security benefits and taxes. Lucia was very glad that she had met Lu Lu and me. During the summer we went picnicking together along the Potomac River. I received letters from her family in Holland thanking us for being so kind to let her spend the weekend with us. There were several Dutch girls in our area who came to America under the same conditions as Lucia. Sometimes Lucia would take them to our apartment as they had nowhere else to go. Lucia became a very good friend of ours, and when she returned to Holland she stayed in touch with us by writing letters.

During my disability I faded away from Embassy Dairy. I received many invitations to visit the plant, but I didn't feel up to it at all. One day I received an envelope in the mail from the headquarters of Southland Corporation. In the envelope was a newspaper clipping from one of the Dallas newspapers. It said that Southland Corporation had one of the biggest eggnog businesses. The article also said that Southland Corporation even served the White House, but that the White House also had its own recipe for eggnog cocktail... one that serves 30: one gallon of commercial eggnog mix, one pint of bourbon, one-half pint each of rum and brandy, two teaspoons of nutmeg, one-fourth teaspoon of vanilla and a block of eggnog ice-cream in the serving bowl.

Former President Nixon had a special batch furnished him by the Southland Corporation Embassy Dairies in Waldorf, Maryland. The article said that Jeff Noordermeer of Chevy Chase, MD, who worked at Embassy Food labs as quality control at the time, recalls that Nixon's eggnog included a bit of brandy and Canadian whiskey. Even though I was not working anymore, Southland Corporation still kept some of my Quality Control papers in their files, otherwise I don't know where they received my information about Nixon's eggnog business.

As the summer of 1986 passed, I had kept a low profile in all of my activities. I was very serious about my eating habits and practically did everything the doctor had told me to do, and yet the pains in my chest kept coming back. Somehow every day I was reminded that I had heart problems.

CONTINUED: Another Heart Attack
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