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Clementina Rivera's artistic interpretation
of the Carolina Bays

I sent Clementina Rivera a copy of my book "Solving the Mystery of the Carolina Bays", which contains a scientific hypothesis about the formation of the bays from secondary impacts of glacier ice ejected when a meteorite hit the Laurentide Ice Sheet 12,900 years ago.

After reading the book, Clementina painted the following watercolor of the Carolina Bays as seen from space and she sent me her own interpretation about how the bays might have formed.

Carolina Bays by Clementina Rivera
The Carolina Bays as seen from space
(Watercolor by Clementina Rivera - 7x11 inches)

Formation of the Carolina Bays (in a nutshell)

by Clementina Rivera

During the Big Bang, asteroids, meteorites and other debris flew through space.

Big Bang
Illustration of Big Bang


During creation the Creator threw stuff, like asteroids, meteorites, and debris into space.

The Creator throwing stuff
Illustration of the Creator throwing stuff

As the objects rotated at high speed through space, they became round and slick.

Asteroids becoming round and slick
Illustration of asteroids and debris in space
becoming round and slick

They collided with planets, moons, asteroids, as well as the Earth, causing indentations. Depending on the angle, source of impact, and direction of the Earth's (or planets') rotation, the slick asteroids hit the Earth and bounced like rocks skipping on water.

Objects hitting
Illustration of objects hitting Earth and planets

This impact caused the sometimes aligned elliptical bays that diminish in size as the asteroids lost speed and disintegrated.

Clementina Rivera Paintings
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