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Paintings by Clementina Rivera

Clementina Rivera received her art degree from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and has studied under many well known artists including Dick Turner, Dalhart Windberg, Simon Michaels, Bill Strain and others. She painted alongside her late husband Ricardo Rivera and shared multiple techniques in acrylics and photography. Clementina taught mathematics, art, and Spanish in junior high and high school and retired after 31 years in the education profession.

Clementina Rivera
Clementina Rivera

The beauty of the Coastal Bend Area with its marshes, birds and beaches is the predominant subject of Clementina Rivera's paintings. Although Rivera has worked with different media, her favorite medium is acrylic.

Rivera was selected in 1996 and 1998 as Shrimporee poster artist. She was named the "People's Choice" artist for the 2003 Merit Show Exhibition at the Rockport Center for the Arts, was selected as the Hummingbird T-Shirt artist in 2006, and was chosen as the OysterFest T-Shirt artist for 2007.

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"Family of Whoopers"

"Watchful Eyes"

"His Domain"

"They Took Him In"

"Meeting Place"

"Among the Ruins"


"Under the Oaks"

"He leads the Way"

"They Swim Together"

"Oyster Boat"

"Hummer with Plumbago"

"Flight of Angels"

"Blue Ocean"

"Hummer among the Orchids"

"Hummer and Lillies"

"Heron's Watch"

"Summer Swim"

"Doug's Pond"

"The ropes"


"Roseate Spoonbills"

"Whooping Cranes"

"Spring Piper"

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