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Paintings by Antonio Zamora

I owe my interest in art to my mother. She sometimes painted decorative designs on baby cradles or other pieces of furniture. She frequently sat in front of an easel with her oil paints. In the kitchen, she created edible works of art. She was also a meticulous seamstress with a good eye for style and uncompromising attention to detail that won her a first prize in a national competition. Art was a way in which my mother enhanced the utilitarian nature of everyday objects.

Kimono embroidery
Bird of Paradise
Silk embroidery by my mother
Courtyard Stairway
Courtyard Stairway
Oil painting by my mother

My own interest in painting has both practical and aesthetic purposes. My need to make empty walls more lively has steered me toward painting themes that remind me of pleasant things and places, but sometimes my paintings explore paradoxes or moods.

My sister, Clementina Rivera, shares my love for art, and paints professionally.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait, 22×16 in. - Oils 1965

Church, 12×16 in. - Water Colors 1964

Telephone Pole
Telephone Pole, 22×16 in. - Oils 1965
This telephone pole stood in front of my house. I called it a "City Tree".

Trash Can
Trash Can, 15.5×11.5 in. - Pastels 1965
A scrap of paper lying next to a trash can is symbolic of the irony of life.

Club 45 Brandy Bottle
Brandy Bottle, 8×5.3 in. - Linoleum Cut 1966
Club 45 Brandy was a famous Mexican drink.

Fruit bowl
Fruit bowl, 5×7 in. - Linoleum Cut 1966

Macaw, 5×7 in. - Linoleum Cut 1966

Book, 9×11.7 in. - Water Colors 1966
Reading an old book by candlelight.

Lake, 8×10 in. - Water Colors 1966

Orchestra - pastels
Orchestra 12×16 in. - Pastels 1966
This image is formed from positive and complementary images.

Fantasy and Reality
Fantasy and Reality 12×16 in. - Water Colors 1989
An optical illusion is transformed into a three-dimensional object.

Montenegro de Cameros, Spain
Montenegro de Cameros, Spain, 11×15.5 in. - Water Colors 1999
A small village near the park of the Sierra de Cebollera.

Sunset 1999
Sunset, 13.5×10.5 in. - Water Colors 1999

California Coastline in Sonoma County along Route 1
Sonoma County Coastline, 11.7×15.7 in. - Water Colors 1999
The sea mist hides the far-away hills along the California coastline.

Bali Beach
Bali, 11.5×16 in. - Water Colors 1999

Bali, 16×20 in. - Oils 2001

Big Sur
Big Sur, 16×20 in. - Oils 2000
The brown color of the rocks contrasts against the pale blue of the sea.

Water Lilies
Lilies, 16×20 in. - Oils 2001

Sunset, 20×16 in. - Oils 2001

Denali (blue)
Denali (blue), 22×28 in. - Oils 2000
Denali is the Koyukon Athabascan name for Mount McKinley in Alaska.

Mount Denali (pink)
Denali (pink), 16×20 in. - Oils 2001

Golden Eye
Golden Eye, 16×20 in. - Oils 2001
This beach was featured in GoldenEye (1995), a spy film in the James Bond series.

Bethesda in the Fall
Bethesda in the Fall - View from my Penthouse, 39×69 in. - Oils 2002

Mexican Village - Taxco
Mexican Village, 16×20 in. - Oils 2002
This is a typical scene from Taxco, Mexico.

Poppies, 16×20 in. - Oils 2002

Oahu, 16×20 in. - Oils 2002
Oahu features black lava and eroded mountains close to the sea.

Monticello - Home of Jefferson
Monticello, 16×20 in. - Oils 2002
The Home of Thomas Jefferson

Big Sur
Big Sur 2, 24×36 in. - Oils 2002
The Santa Lucia Mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur.

Bank of the Potomac in the Autumn
Bank of the Potomac in the Autumn,
22×14 in. - Oils 2002
Col du Lautaret
Col du Lautaret, 22×14 in. - Oils 2002

Bethesda Avenue
Bethesda - Ink and watercolors 2003
Intersection of Bethesda and Wisconsin Avenue
Sculpture Beacon by Mary Ann Mears, Bethesda at Old Georgetown Road and Wisconsin Ave.
Bethesda - Ink and watercolors 2003
Old Georgetown Road and Wisconsin Ave.
The sculpture is called Beacon by Mary Ann Mears

Bethesda - Ink and watercolors 2003
Bethesda Metro Center
Bethesda Metro Center
Bethesda - Ink and watercolors 2003
Bethesda Metro Center

Across the Round House Theater
Across the Round House Theater
At East-West Highway and Waverly St.
Ink and watercolors 2004
Silver Spring Hand of Noah sculpture
Silver Spring sculpture "Hand of Noah"
Ink and watercolors 2003

Bethesda Skyline
Bethesda Skyline - Ink and watercolors 2003

Water Lilies
Water Lilies, 13×16 in. - Oils 2003

Bethesda - Ink and watercolors 2003

Thyme Square Cafe, Bethesda
Thyme Square Cafe, Bethesda - Ink and watercolors 2003

Human Landscape
Human Landscape, 24×36 in. - Oils 2003

Human Landscape 2
Human Landscape 2, 24×36 in. - Oils 2004

Bethesda Cinema
Bethesda Cinema - Ink and watercolors 2004

Bethesda Barnes and Noble Bookstore
Bethesda Barnes & Noble Bookstore - Ink and watercolors 2004
Intersection of Bethesda and Woodmont Avenues

Pungo River, Belhaven, NC
Pungo River, Belhaven, NC - Ink and watercolors 2004
I spent a delightful vacation at my friend's house watching the waves and playing the guitar on the pier.

Three Roses
Three Roses, 16×20 in. - Oils 2008
I saw these roses in the garden of the National Cathedral.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory, 6.5×8.5 in. - Ink and watercolors 2010

Enrique's View
Enrique's View, 5×6 in. - Ink and watercolors 2011
This painting was inspired by a photograph taken by Enrique CastaƱon from his balcony.
The juxtaposition of the tall TV antenna tower and the angular balcony roofs
with the dark clouds backlit by the sun creates an interesting contrast between natural and man-made elements.
Rose with Halo
Rose with Halo, 6×6 in. - Colored pens 2012

Josephine Sleeping
Josephine Sleeping, 6×6 in. - Pen on paper 2012

Pansies, 24×18 in. - Oils on canvas, 2012

Cheetah, 14×11 in. - Acrylics on canvas board, 2021

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms, 8×10 in. - Acrylics on canvas, 2021

© Copyright  - Antonio Zamora