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The Ultimate Online Psychic Guidebook

How to Pick the Right Psychic and Get a Great Reading!

If you're reading this, you're most likely thinking about getting a psychic reading online. Congratulations! You're about to investigate a mystical and rewarding experience that has the potential to change your life for the better and help you make informed decisions that can benefit your health, your career, and your love life. You probably have lots of questions, from what online psychics do to how to reach out and contact the one who can best help you. This comprehensive guide will tell you all you need to know, from the types of psychic services that exist and where to access them, to what kind of questions to ask before you start a reading; what to watch out for and how you can benefit. So let's get started!

Identify Your Needs
The first thing to ask yourself is, "What do I want to learn from my psychic reader?" Your question may be as simple as "Will my boyfriend propose?" or it could be you're seeking to begin a more far-reaching investigation of past life connections, soul mates, or personal growth. Maybe you feel like you need some direction or a glimpse into your future. A talented, caring psychic can help you pursue these answers and clarify things, but first you should be clear on what you need. Do you want your psychic to look into the future to find an answer to a single question? Do you want a comprehensive astrological birth chart done or a Tarot card reading that will shed light on a difficult situation? All of these are options when you connect with an online psychic, astrologer or other spiritualist. Once you have your desire clear in your mind, you can begin to look for the right type of spiritual advisor who can meet those needs, whether it be a clairvoyant, a Tarot card reader, numerologist, soul mate specialist or astrologer. So, what are your options?

Types of Spiritual Advisors
Not all spiritual advisors are the same. Some come from a long line of specially gifted individuals who have passed on their knowledge for generations; others have discovered and developed their gifts through study and individual practice. And speaking of practice - psychics don't all practice the same gifts. Here are some of the major categories of spiritual advisors:

Clairvoyants: A clairvoyant is a person who literally "views" things with extraordinary "clarity." In practice, those gifted with clairvoyance have the ability to pick up glimpses of events outside the ordinary range; images from the future, distant places, or even the past. Their abilities grant them a bigger picture understanding than is possible for most ordinary people, and their ability to pick up clues can be incredibly helpful when you're trying to work your way through a complicated situation. Maybe they'll get a flash of a significant person in your life shopping for a wedding ring, or (heaven forbid) stepping out behind your back. Maybe they see a promotion coming at work or a calamity you can avoid. When a clairvoyant forms a connection with you, they share this gift by using their extra sensitive perceptive abilities on your behalf.

Some clairvoyants are gifted with precognition, some with retrognition - meaning seeing the future or the past, respectively. Some even experience clairaudience or clairsentience - where the psychic either hears or feels things outside the realm of our ordinary senses. And many are gifted with extraordinary empathy, able to sense the emotions of those they connect with. This is especially important when you're getting a psychic reading, as it provides comfort and the knowledge that your reader knows what you're going through.

Psychic Mediums: A psychic medium is someone who has the ability to communicate through a special channel to the spirit world. Talk to several mediums and they may each describe their connection with the "other side" differently, but the common factor among them is that they can connect with departed souls and carry messages back and forth to loved ones. When you're looking for closure or to express love or a message you never got to share with someone dear to you, a psychic medium may be able to make that connection for you.

Tarot Card Readers: A Tarot card reader is someone whose psychic gifts and years of study allow them a greater understanding of your destiny than you can probably gain for yourself. Using a very unique deck of cards imbued with special prophetic meanings and a knowledge of what the different spreads and cards in relation to one another mean, plus their own special psychic perceptions, they can answer specific questions, make predictions about your future, or help you put past events in perspective. Depending on what sort of spread you request, a Tarot card reader can predict future events, explain complicated relationships and/or help you understand your own motives and character traits.

Astrologers: Astrology is one of the most ancient arts practiced by humanity. Since people first gazed up at the stars they've wondered how these celestial bodies affect their destiny. Astrologers are people who have studied the planets to understand the complex connections their mysterious movements have to our own lives; how the pull of the moon, the retrograde of Mercury, the wheel of the zodiac and the conjunctions of the stars help mold your fate. From birth charts to rising signs, astrology is a great way to gain understanding of your own personality and how you interact with others. For instance, if you know the time and date your love interest was born, you can potentially find out how well you'll get along, whether you're a perfect match or headed for heartbreak. Astrology isn't limited to Western practice either; the Chinese have been studying astrology for centuries, and the mysteries of Vedic astrology have been a vital part of life in India and beyond for millennia. You can find out how your career, finances, health and relationships are destined to play out with guidance from a qualified astrologer.

Fortune Tellers: Whether consulting ancient runes or using crystal energies to focus on your fate, fortune tellers are one subset of psychics who can be very useful. Though it's a broad umbrella, they are generally spiritual advisors who can tell you what's likely to happen in your future, see into the past, or help you figure out your motivations in the present. Fortune tellers use their unique insight, psychic gifts, intuition and experience to help guide you to a happier place in your life.

These are just some of the many types of spiritual advisors that you can reach out to. Now the question is, "How do I pick the best one?" How Do I Choose A Psychic Advisor Online? For the purposes of this eBook, we're only looking at online psychic guidance. While it's possible there's a psychic in your town who's very good, more and more these days people are turning to the internet. Why? Because the internet offers a whole world of talented advisors, and makes them all available to you, right in your own home. What could be more convenient? So, how do you find a safe, reputable host site from which to select your psychic? There are three major factors to consider before anything else. It's important to 1) select a site that offers a satisfaction guarantee, 2) a safe, fraud-proof payment system, and 3) is easy to use. Yes, that can be tricky, but it's not impossible! Be sure the site you choose offers some protection for you and a good user experience before you connect with your psychic. Then there's the question of selection. You wouldn't want to pick the very first person you come across, without checking out how they rank next to their peers!

There are many sites that host a wide array of psychic advisors in one place so you can look through them at your leisure and pick the best one. Take LivePerson Experts or Kasamba, for instance. When you visit the site, you see an extensive list of psychic advisors in a host of categories, from astrology to Tarot and beyond. Once you select your subcategory, you simply scroll through the profiles of the psychics until you find one who feels right. Here are some things to look for: Chat availability. Many psychics will offer live chat via phone or instant message. This is your best bet if you want to speak to a psychic live, right away. If the psychic is already engaged with another client, however, you may want to email them and set up another time to chat, or request special information such as a star chart from an astrologer via email. Make sure the psychic you like offers one or all of these options to connect.

Price. Spiritual advisors vary widely in how much they charge per minute or per session. Some will offer promotional coupons, and some sites will offer specials like "3 free minutes" so you can get a feel for your psychic's abilities risk-free. Remember, the highest priced may not be the best, and the lowest priced doesn't mean the psychic is less talented. That's why your best bet is to read carefully through your psychic's profile and check out their ratings from other clients.

Ratings/profile. The single most helpful information when selecting a psychic is found in the psychic's online profile. There you'll usually see their picture, a list of their specialties, their qualifications and experience, any coupons or special offers, and most importantly, their ratings from past clients. A five-star rating from hundreds of satisfied customers can be a great comfort when you're trying out your first psychic reading. Now you've done your homework. You're prepared with your questions, you know what to look for, and you're ready to get started! This can be the beginning of a long and enriching relationship, so we wish you happiness, prosperity and luck with your psychic connection!

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