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Working the Border book by Doyle Holdridge

Working The Border
A Texas Ranger's Story

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Working The Border Book
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Friend, you're holding a collection of stories you will truly enjoy. As you read this compilation you will get to know Doyle Holdridge as he takes you from his days as a young boy in Rankin, Texas to the beginning of his law enforcement career as a Highway Patrolman, his promotion to Narcotics agent, and finally his selection to the position of Texas Ranger stationed in Laredo, Texas, The Texas/Mexico border is where Ranger Holdridge spent twenty-two years defending and upholding the values and laws of our great Lone Star State.

At the beginning of Doyle’s law enforcement career he had many opportunities to work hand in hand with active, long-time Texas Rangers. Doyle was privileged to be mentored by well-respected Rangers like Clayton McKinney. Joe Coleman, Tol Dawson. Pete Montemayor and Captain Jim Riddles. Those men made Doyle Holdridge not only a better cop, but when all was said and done, a better Texas Ranger.

Reading Working the Border: A Texas Ranger's Story takes you on a greatly satisfying, exciting, and sometimes humorous ride chasing bad guys up and down the border. Read about the drug dealer who sold him drugs while he worked in an undercover capacity to the drug smuggler he chased along the Rio Grande River, as well as his negotiating with the leader of a prison riot, and finally how he obtained a successful confession to the brutal stabbing of his good friend, the Dimmit County sheriff. With each story you get a peek inside the friendships and working relationships that are made during the most interesting of times. And, it is great to laugh with Doyle even when he is the punch line of the joke.

Doyle is a lawman's lawman who is well-respected on both sides of the border. His work was so well received the Mexican officials gave him police credentials for the State of Tamaulipas.

A successful Texas Ranger understands that everyone has value, and that you can learn something from everyone you meet. Doyle also knew the environment and culture in which he worked. And he discovered what was important and in many cases what was not important to the bad guys.

As you read these stories of Doyle's distinguished career you will have an understanding of what it was like to work as a Texas Ranger on the border.

I have known and worked with Doyle for more than twenty-five years from our days together in DPS Narcotics, and then into the Ranger service and finally as his Ranger captain. He never lacked the desire or the tenacity to put the bad guy in jail or do what was right.

The Texas Rangers have adopted this saying: El es muy bueno para cabalgar el rio. Doyle is my true friend, and as that old saying goes in English. "He will do to ride the river with."

Clete R. Buckaloo
Captain, Texas Rangers (Ret..)

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