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You lose weight through your lungs


Everybody knows that weight is gained through the mouth. Your weight will increase in proportion to the amount of food ingested. The more food that you eat, the more weight that you will gain. After the food is digested in the stomach, nutrients are absorbed by the intestines. The nutrients get stored as glycogen, muscle, or fat. Glycogen is a complex sugar similar to starch which can be converted to glucose when needed. The body does not have a high capacity for storing glycogen, so any excess nutrients get converted to fat and stored as adipose tissue.

Indigestible fiber and other waste products from the food are excreted as feces. The nitrogen compounds in proteins and nucleic acids get metabolized into urea and uric acid which are discharged in the urine. Fats and carbohydrates get metabolized into carbon dioxide which is expelled through the lungs. This is why it is so hard to lose weight -- as incredible as it may seem, the only way to lose the fat from a pot belly is through the nose, one breath at a time.

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