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Vegan Diets and Recipes

Zenpawn Vegan Blog
Zenpawn Vegan Blog

I just received the first issue of a one-year subscription to E - The Environmental Magazine. I won this subscription from a raffle among people who contributed vegan recipes to Erin Dame for his vegan cookbooks. Erin has published a book of recipes called Vegan Done Light and he manages the vegan blog www.zenpawn.com/vegblog/

Erin's blog discusses veganism, raw food, calorie restriction, and interesting topics about diet.

Traditional Mexican staples include beans, rice, corn, tomatoes, and hot peppers. The vegan recipes that I submitted were some classic Mexican dishes like guacamole, salsa, and an unusual bean soup with beer. You can find these vegan recipes and many other international dishes here:
International Recipes

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