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The prospect of Eternal Life

Aubrey de Grey
Aubrey de Grey

For thousands of years, preachers have been promising us eternal life, in heaven or hell, depending on what we believe. Now, Aubrey de Grey, a British biomedical gerontologist, thinks that we can achieve eternal life right here on Earth by rejuvenating the human body. The idea of immortality seems preposterous given that, thus far, no multicellular organisms have been found to live forever.

Aubrey de Grey cannot be easily dismissed. His ideas about Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) are based on sound scientific principles and modern discoveries in genetics. De Gray would like to identify all the components that cause human tissue to age and design remedies for each of them to forestall disease and eventually push back death.

Immortal life may be nothing more than a pipe dream, but there are enough serious scientists studying the process of aging that in a few decades there may be significant advances in the science of life extension. The Methuselah Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes interest in scientific anti-aging research. The foundation awards prizes to researchers who break records in the extension of the lifespan of experimental animals.
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