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Thanksgiving Resolution - Yearly health check up

Antonio Zamora - Age 66
Antonio Zamora - Age 66

Once a year, it is good to have a physical check up. The purpose of the check up is to determine if something is not quite right, and if so, to take steps to correct it. The most common thing that people find out from a yearly checkup is that their weight has increased.

Gaining a few pounds each year may not seem like a big deal, but over time it can lead to obesity. An increased amount of fat tissue starts releasing hormones that change the metabolism, and obesity is associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Over the last year I gained two pounds. Two pounds may sound trivial, but an increase of two pounds per year over 10 years would be 20 pounds. By reducing my food by 100 Calories per day, I should be able to lose those two pounds in about two months while maintaining my current level of activity. Life is full of choices. Should I give up my daily slice of home-made bread with raw honey or the dark chocolate square? Maybe I will just cut my portions in half.

We always have to sacrifice for what we want. In the past, I have been overweight, but I feel healthier when I am lean. I have to seek the right balance between asceticism and hedonism. In any case, by next year I expect to be at my normal weight. That's my Thanksgiving Resolution.
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