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Summer Skin Rash

Summer skin rashes may be due to a variety of conditions such as insect bites or irritation from poison ivy or other plants. However, most summer rashes are due to yeasts and fungi that live on the skin in hot and humid environments. These rashes generally occur where tight-fitting clothing such as bra straps and jockey shorts are in contact with the skin. Always consult a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

A light application of white vinegar once a day with a cotton ball or a spray bottle may eliminate the fungi that cause the rash and help to heal the skin. After the vinegar dries, use talcum powder so that the moisture on the skin can evaporate faster.

Change your underwear daily or whenever it gets wet from sweat. Add chlorine bleach to the washing machine when you wash your underwear, sheets, and towels. Bleach will kill fungi on textiles and prevent them from spreading. If you perspire at night, cover the sheet that you sleep on with a towel, change it at least every other day, and don't sleep in tight-fitting clothing.
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