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Striped ravioli and multicolored pasta

Striped ravioli and multi-colored pasta

Striped pasta has the same taste as regular pasta, but it is more pleasing to the eye. Multicolored pasta is more celebratory than regular pasta. To show off the colors, it is necessary to serve this pasta with a white sauce, such as Alfredo sauce.

I compared two methods of making striped pasta. In one method, strips of pasta of different colors are arranged side-by-side and then pressed to fuse them into a pasta sheet. In the second method, colored strips of pasta are arranged on top of a sheet of white pasta, and then pressed together. The adjacent strip method produces sheets of pasta where the colors go all the way through the sheet, whereas the overlay method produces pasta with a white side and a striped side.

The picture above shows ravioli made by the overlay strip method. The overlay method is better because the underlying white pasta sheet has a uniform consistency. Variations in the humidity of the colored doughs make it difficult to have sheets with uniform texture using the adjacent strip method. Typically, one color will have more water than the other causing the sheet to stretch unevenly when the sheets are being filled, and this can cause the sheets to tear.

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