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Spam e-mail is financed by illegal drug trade and scams

You probably received an e-mail asking for your help to transfer several million dollars on behalf of the daughter of an important Nigerian head of state. This is a social engineering scam that takes advantage of your gullibility and greed.

Another message in your mail box probably says that your on-line bank account has been canceled and that you need to verify the account data to restore access. This type of scam is called "phishing" and it is generally linked to a fake or "spoof" web site designed to steal your account information. If you fall for the scam, you will become a victim of identity theft and your compromised bank account will be drained.

The majority of spam e-mail in your inbox is most likely about how to get drugs without prescription. The drugs can be sedatives, diet pills, or medications like Viagra for improved sexual performance. Here is a small sample of typical junk mail. Many of the spam e-mails are purposely misspelled to try to avoid spam filters and guarantee that they land in your mailbox.

Woodrow Hanson, Need any of the 3?..ViagraXanax vicodin valium?, 4:01 AM 3KB
Elba Sheridan, Ambien, Soma, Phentermin, and more without a prescription!, 3:58 AM 2KB
Mildred Thorpe, tips that are good for bed, 3:50 AM 2KB
Leroy Rutherford, We have great anti anxiety medications!!, 3:42 AM 3KB
Maria Cunningham, Much bigger, than you used to have it!, 3:35 AM 2KB
Adela Britton, Get all the medications you want online!, 3:15 AM 3KB
Dee Amos, prosolution pill, 3:13 AM 2KB
Joan Carson, good news for the bed, Tue, 7/21/09 3KB
Raymond Rollins, Get Vicodin Online - NoPRESCRIPTION Needed!, Tue, 7/21/09 3KB
Young Spears, Buy Hydrocodone Online from a US Pharmacy, Tue, 7/21/09 3KB
Leigh Trent, Acai Diet, lose weight without impossible diets, Tue, 7/21/09 4KB
Harriett Park, ORder ALL YOUR favorite meds online NO_PRES needed!, Tue, 7/21/09 2KB
Rich A. Robison, great web offer, Tue, 7/21/09 3KB

What is likely to happen if you respond to one of these messages? One possibility is that you will get bilked. You send your money to buy some drugs and you never see the drugs or your money. To whom are you going to complain? Will you complain to the police or some government agency that you did not get your illegal drugs? Not very likely. Another possibility is that your e-mail address is harvested by mass marketers to send you some more spam e-mail. A third possibility is that the drugs that you get are fake and not what you expected. The best thing to do is just to delete the junk mail.

The United States is the largest market for illegal drugs in the world. America's great hunger for drugs is what keeps the Mexican and Columbian drug cartels in business. Many of the contacts for the distribution of illegal drugs start through the Internet using spam e-mail.

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