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Shampoo for bald people

Michael Jordan's Shampoo Michael Jordan

About a year ago, I got a free promotional 10 fl. oz (300 ml) bottle of Michael Jordan's daily conditioning shampoo. I am finally getting to the bottom of the bottle. It does not take much shampoo to create a lather when you don't have much hair. The shampoo has a high concentration of mint extract that tingles your scalp, but can also burn your eyes if you are not careful.

Every time that I use the shampoo, I smile at the thought that somebody who has no hair endorses a hair product. What is next? Michael Jordan's combs and brushes? Michael Jordan's hair gel? Michael Jordan's head gloss?

Michael earned a reputation as a high-scoring basketball player who could soar through the air unimpeded by gravity. Although he has been away from baketball for some time, people still admire him and he is still influential in getting people to buy the stuff that he promotes. TV commercials for Hanes underwear continue to feature Michael Jordan pushing tag-less T-shirts, boxers, and briefs. Business must be good.

I have not seen Michael's shampoo in the drug store shelves recently. Maybe Michael Jordan does not have the same power for advertising hair products as Jaclyn Smith, one of the stars of Charlie's Angels.
Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Smith

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