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Ralph Nader visits Bethesda, Maryland

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader was at the Bethesda Barnes & Noble bookstore promoting his book "The Seventeen Traditions". The book describes the family relationships that became the foundation of his beliefs and his ethics. Nader's parents came to the United States from Lebanon when they were very young. All their children, including Ralph, were born in the United States. It was interesting to hear Ralph speak about growing up in Winsted, Connecticut where his father owned a restaurant. Ralph said that the interaction of the community and the values passed down through example by his parents molded his character.

Ralph is dismayed seeing that television, movies, i-pods, and computers are eroding the community and family relationships that shape the values of the next generation. He proposes that parents should play a more active role guiding their children by good examples and good deeds. Some of the seventeen traditions include listening, health, history, education, discipline, charity, work, and patriotism.
Bethesda Barnes and Noble bookstore

Bethesda Barnes & Noble

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