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Overeating during the holidays and weight loss scams

Weight loss fake pictures

Are you feeling fat after eating so much over the Thanksgiving holiday? If so, you may be tempted to try some of the impressive weight loss diets advertised on the internet.

The advertisement above shows some pictures of a woman's remarkable transformation after losing 44 pounds. In your eagerness to click on the advertisement, you may overlook the fact that the picture is a fake. Here are some ways to tell that the claims are fake:

1) The advertisement claims a 44 pound loss. For every loss of weight of 6 or 7 pounds there is a waist size reduction of about 1 inch. A person could only lose about 6 or 7 inches at the waist by losing 44 pounds. With the pants folded in half, the slack would be only three or four inches. But look at the picture. There are about 6 inches of slack or about 12 inches in circumference. That would correspond to a weight loss of around 80 pounds.

2) Notice the width of the pant legs in both pictures. The legs of the pants on the right are much wider than the legs of the pants on the left. Do you seriously think that the model in the picture would be able to put her hips and both legs into one pant leg? Since the face is not shown, we have to ask: is it the same girl in both pictures?

Avoid weight loss scams. The only way that you can lose weight is by avoiding junk food and cutting calories.
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