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Keeping track of our fitness with a scale

Antonio Zamora - Age 65Antonio Zamora - Age 65

We have been conditioned to think that we will gain weight as we get older. This is only true if we do not adjust our diet for the reduced number of calories that our body uses as it ages. A good bathroom scale is our best friend. A scale will not tell us that our double chin or the bulge in our midsection makes us look better -- it just shows our weight. We should be thankful for the honesty of the scale.

Using a scale regularly, we can keep our weight fairly constant. If our weight goes up by a few pounds and it stays up for several days, we know that it is not just water retention. We are getting fatter! It is time to eat less. We have to choose nutritious foods that will satisfy our hunger and provide all the nutrients that our body needs.

I am thankful to my sister for having pointed out several years ago that I was getting fat. Who? Me Fat? I weighed myself and calculated my Body Mass Index, and sure enough, I was overweight! We change so gradually that we do not notice the small increases of weight that add up to many pounds over the years.

So, here I am, 65 years old and at the same weight that I had when I was in my twenties. I have had to learn a lot about nutrition and exercise to achieve this. It is hard for me to believe that I am now officially on Medicare insurance. I am going to continue to try to stay in good health in order not to use it.

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Mike J said,
2007-11-16 @ 12:05:23

Hi Antonio.

You look great. Keep up the good work.

Quick question...

Can you provide an example of a typical day, in terms of diet? ( lunch, breakfast, dinner, etc... )


Administrator said,
2007-11-16 @ 15:48:17


Please look at the "Menu Ideas" section of the Nutrition page.


Gypsy girl said,
2007-11-26 @ 17:16:18

Hey Antonio
Great photo. You are an inspiration!!!
My husband and I are also in our 60's. We have always been health and fitness nuts. growing our own organic veggies, eating whole, natural food, etc. Always reading about health and fitness, which is how I have just found CRON diet (which is basically our diet nutrionally, but with fewer calories), so we can now take our fitness and health to a new level!!
Thanks for the great website and such good information.
keep up the good work
I wish you peace, love and laughter

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