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How can you get a good husband or a good wife?

Happy Couple

At a Christmas dinner, I met a woman who would like to get married, but has not found a suitable candidate. The clock is ticking and she is now 35 years old. You can sense frustration and a some desperation in her attitude as she seeks advice from her friends. Why has this happened? The simple answer is that she has given lower priority to her personal needs than to her education and career. This woman has fantastic credentials. She is a noted researcher with a PhD and several publications, but her love life scores a zero.

There was a time when the social life and the destiny of a person was fairly well planned out by the parents. Times have changed. Today, children leave the parents to go to college at an early age and they don't have the family support to help them make wise decisions and avoid mistakes. Young people have to take responsibility of their own life at an early age and decide what is important to them. Here are some things that you can do to improve your chances of success:

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