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Growing your own vegetables

Lettuce in flower boxes
Growing lettuce in flower boxes

Two years ago, I planted some lettuce in the pots in the penthouse. I harvested it by trimming about half of the leaves, but I left enough for the plant to survive. In the autumn, the lettuce bloomed, and the dandelion-like seeds dispersed themselves in the wind. Last year and this year, I had many lettuce plants that returned from those seeds.

This year, I got an interesting surprise. The flower boxes in my balcony one floor below the penthouse had lettuce seedlings. The weather has been cooler than normal which is too cold for petunias, but perfect for lettuce. I will continue harvesting the lettuce until the petunias get bigger and then I will sacrifice the lettuce plants to dedicate the flower boxes for their decorative purpose.
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Gypsy Girl said,
2008-06-03 @ 15:33:44

Hi Tony, That goes to show you that you can grow veggies just about anywhere! Great idea.

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