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Goldfinches in my flower pots


This morning, I woke up to the cheerful chirping of some goldfinches in my flower pots. In the springtime, I harvested some lettuce from these flower pots. When the lettuce was trimmed, I found some Thai basil growing from seeds scattered by the wind. I let these plants grow around my petunias.

Every time that I water the pots, the basil releases a wonderful sweet aroma. Both the petunias and the basil stems are a great attraction for the bees, but now that the basil blooms are forming seeds, finches are perching on the stems to feed. The birds probably scatter some seeds as they feed, and this is how the basil came from the penthouse to the flower pots in my balcony. My neighbor downstairs will probably have basil in her flowerpots next year.

© Copyright  - Antonio Zamora