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Foraging for mushrooms and bamboo shoots

Bamboo Shoots Bamboo Shoot cross section
Bamboo Shoots

After almost one week of continuous spring rains, the trees are green and the the ground is moist. These conditions promote the growth of mushrooms and bamboo. A nice walk in the woods will bring you closer to nature, burn up some calories and, if you are lucky, you can find some edible mushrooms, berries, or bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots are frequently used in Chinese cooking. They are also a favorite food of Panda Bears. Bamboo shoots are low in calories and contain a significant amount of B vitamins and minerals. 100 grams of raw bamboo shoots have only 27 calories and the following nutrients:
Nutrients in Bamboo Shoots

Next time that you go for a walk, keep your eyes open. You can enjoy nature, and perhaps find a nice edible treat.
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