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Conversation with Madame Flora

Madame Flora

Madame Flora conducts free psychic chats that help clients think about their problems. Everybody can solve their own problems with a little encouragement. Here is a transcript of a recent conversation with a client:
Client: future career
Mme. Flora: Do you have any goals? Your goals determine your future. What field interests you?
Client: no
Mme. Flora: You sound unhappy. What did you eat for lunch?
Client: pizza, I am happy
Mme. Flora: Has your treatment made you happy?
Client: treatment?
Mme. Flora: We must have a bad connection. I am getting some typos and broken lines.
Client: maybe
Mme. Flora: Can't you be more positive?
Client: i am positive
Mme. Flora: Positive thoughts can calm your nerves. What is your favorite sport?
Client: sleepingbag sliding
Mme. Flora: Beauty is the source of all true art and all science.
Client: is it?
Mme. Flora: Does talking about this bother you?
Client: no
Mme. Flora: Moving on to greener pastures... What is your favorite animal?
Client: koala
Mme. Flora: You will be sorry if you kiss an elephant in the lips.
Client: ?

Chat with Madame Flora

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