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Conjugation of the English verb BE

Hamlet To be or not to be ...

The verb BE is the most frequent and most misused verb in English. It is also the most irregular. BE may be used as an auxiliary verb or as a linking verb. Here is the conjugation of the verb "to be":

Infinitive: be
Present Participle: being
Past participle: been

Person,Number Present Past
1st,singular I am was
2nd,singular you are were
3rd,singular he/she/it is was
1st,plural we are were
2nd,plural you are were
3rd,plural they are were

Contractions of the verb "to be" are very peculiar because some forms can be confused with possessive nouns and must be disambiguated using context. Finally, there is the forbidden word "ain't" which is used indiscriminately for "is not" and "are not" disregarding person agreement.

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