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Christmas cookies and candies

German Honey CookiesChristmas is a time of the year when the family gets together to eat delicious food and celebrate. On Christmas eve, cookies and a glass of milk are placed for Santa Claus near the Christmas tree, and Santa places gifts under the tree while the children sleep.

The tradition of baking cookies and sweet treats for the Christmas holidays was started in medieval Europe. By the 16th century, cookies were being flavored with many types of spices and fruits. In Germany, honey cookies like the ones pictured above are particularly popular.

Honiglebkuchen - Honey Cookie Recipe

Candies are also popular during Christmas, and almond brittle is a favorite because the new crop of almonds is harvested in the fall. Brittle is a hard candy embedded with nuts such as pecans, almonds, or peanuts. The candy is easy to make by just melting sugar and adding the nuts.

Almond BrittleAlmond Brittle Recipe

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