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Can a soulmate make you happy?

Beating Hearts

Actually, that is a trick question. Your happiness should come from within yourself. Nobody can make you happy, just like nobody else can sleep for you. Certainly, it is easier to be happy with someone who meets your expectations and complements your personality rather than with someone who opposes you and makes it more difficult to achieve your goals.

We often think that a soulmate is someone who shares the same interests and is exactly like ourselves. This is not always the case. Some personality traits work better when the partner has balancing traits that result in a win-win relationship for both persons. Two dynamic individuals may be frustrated when both want different things. A dynamic individual and a passive individual may find happiness if they can adjust to the different pace of their partner.

The most important feature of a good relationship is honesty. Many relationships end when trust is broken or secrets are discovered. Financial problems or difficulties with relatives can also stress a relationship and end it. People often approach a relationship with great optimism, only to be disillusioned later. The problem of failed relationships is usually due to making decisions based on emotions rather than on impartial evaluation of the compatibility of the personalities.
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