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Body Fat Calculator

Diet Calculator
Diet Calculator

Did you eat too much for the holidays? If you are thinking about going on a diet, you need the right tools to measure your progress. Some people give up when they have a small setback, but to be successful you have to keep your objective in mind.

The Diet Calculator tells you how much weight you need to lose to be within the normal range. In addition, the calculator will estimate the percentage of body fat and the Body Mass Index (BMI). By weighing yourself regularly and using the calculator, you can track your progress toward your goal.

The best strategy for losing weight is to reduce the amount of food that you eat and increase your activity level by exercising regularly. In particular, cut out sweet drinks and desserts because they don't provide nutrition, but they are high in calories. Eat only two-thirds of your normal portions to keep your normal eating schedule and reduce your daily calories by one third. Within a week you will see your weight start to drop.

Learn what to eat to lose weight

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