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BET Information Systems nSphere scam

Beware of working with BET Information Systems, doing business as nSphere, which is supposedly a Boston-based high-growth technology company that builds informative aggregate websites targeting local markets. BET lists its address as 100 Franklin Street, Suite 900 in Boston, but the address is occupied by a real estate investment company. When I contacted the Better Business Bureau, they could not find any information about BET or nSphere, but they told me that the address had come up before as a virtual office.

The scam works by teaming with a web site owner who agrees to split revenue 50/50 for a "localmarket" subdomain of the website which is hosted by BET/nSphere. The web site owner only needs to provide a few articles, add a few links in the home web page, and redirect the subdomain to a server controlled by BET/nSphere. nSphere organizes local information and connects users to the local data that they need. It takes some time for the traffic to build up on the localmarket.website.com, but BET/nSphere starts collecting ad revenue from Google AdSense and posts the monthly earnings in a database accessible to the web site owner. BET/nSphere is supposed to send monthly reports, but they don't do it, and they also don't make the payments for half of the revenue as required by the contract. E-mail messages about the missing payments are ignored, and even written invoices sent by certified mail are ignored. As far as I can tell, nSphere only has people setting up systems to collect revenue, but all the people disappear when it is time to pay. Some web site owners may forget that they redirected their localmarket subdomain and may continue being victims of the scam for years.

My advice is to avoid doing business with BET Information Systems or nSphere. The company does not seem to have honest management.

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