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Balancing Daily Life with Calorie Restriction

Yesterday, an old friend invited me for lunch. The lunch consisted of a bowl of creamed cauliflower spiced with curry powder, a pickled herring rollmop on a slice of French baguette, and a tossed salad with lettuce, radishes, two kinds of olives, quartered tomatoes, and vinaigrette dressing. Overall, it was a very tasty and healthy lunch.

And then came dessert... There were some chocolates and mini-cupcakes. I ate half a cupcake, which was basically two small bites, and my friend ate the other half. She went to the refrigerator and pulled out a container with individually wrapped ice cream bars covered with dark Dove chocolate. I declined.

My friend, who is quite thin and survived World War II, cocked her head slightly to one side, and with a sly smile asked me "Do you think that you will live one extra day if you don't eat this?" Knowing that there are no guarantees in life, I took the ice cream bar and enjoyed it.

Many of the things that happen in life are highly improbable. If you think about how you met your best friend, or how you met your wife or husband, you will find a long trail of events that had to coincide for things to be the way they are today. The probability of each of those events is very minuscule, and the combination of all of them together could almost be regarded as a miracle. By planning for the future, we feel that we are in control of our life, but undoubtedly along the way, circumstances beyond our control will arise that will change our whole life. We will adapt, and we will continue planning.

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