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Scientific Psychic® is a web site dedicated to the exploration of language and the human mind with the objective of encouraging critical thinking and a healthy life style.

I frequently get asked why I chose the name Scientific Psychic for this web site, considering that it has a lot of scientific information. The answer is that when I first had to choose a permanent domain name, most of the names that I wanted were already taken. In a brainstorm of desperation, I came up with Scientific Psychic. The name sounds like an oxymoron, but it is not bad, once you get past your preconceived prejudices.

One of the reasons why the term "psychic" came into my head was because I had a brother-in-law, now deceased, who believed that he had mental powers that could physically cause another person to trip and fall, or to remotely affect the movement of objects through telekinesis. He would tell stories about some of the events that had convinced him that he had these mental powers.

I have a strong scientific background and I was highly skeptical about my brother-in-law's paranormal abilities. His strong belief in his powers was equally matched by my skepticism. As I read more about paranormal phenomena, perception, and psychology, I became more convinced that paranormal phenomena are pure fantasies and misrepresentations of reality, and I began to wonder how a person can be deceived into believing these things.

I started organizing some material that resulted in the Scientific Psychic Workbook which examines what we can perceive and the physical limits of the human body. The workbook provides some criteria for evaluating perceptions objectively and for analyzing and organizing the information that we perceive.


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