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Fan Solitaire

Solitaire Game:

Fan Solitaire

Note: Maximize the window of your browser to increase the size of the cards.

Objective: To move all cards to the foundations.

Layout: Four Foundation piles, initially empty. Start building by moving an Ace to the empty foundation, followed by 2, then 3 and so on until King. Each foundation accepts cards of the same suit in ascending order only (up in suit), i.e. once you play the Ace of Spades on a particular foundation, you may only play 2 of Spades on that foundation, then 3 of Spades, upto the King.

18 Fans, initially dealt 3 face-up cards, except for the last two, which get only 2 face-up cards. Only the topmost card of a Fan can be moved. Fans can be built both ways in suit, i.e. if the topmost card of a Fan is Ten of Spades, then either Jack of Spades or Queen of Spades can be played onto it.

Tips: This is slightly different from the original Fan, which allows the Fans to be built only down in suit. This variation makes the game more interesting and easier to win.

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