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Pappu game

pappu vs. pakia

by Kushagra and Rishabh



Pappu vs. Pakia flying bird game

The Pappu Pakia game was developed by freelance web dudes Rishabh and Kushagra. Rishabh coded the program and Kushagra provided the graphics.

Pappu is a little winged character. You need to continuously click the mouse, press the up arrow key or tap a touch screen to keep Pappu flying. If he hits the top or bottom boundaries he gets knocked out and the game ends.

There are some obstacles along the way like forks, branches and three types of jumping beings known as pakias that try to catch Pappu. Keep a safe distance from the obstacles and the pakias. Hitting them will end the game.

There are some collectibles too! Coins provide points (yellow for 50, pink for 100, red for 500). The stars provide invincibility for a short period of time. Grapes spawn clones that destroy anything in front of them.

Hit Enter or Spacebar keys to (re)start the game, or click on the start sign.

© Copyright  - Antonio Zamora