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Amortization and Annuities Documentation

The Amortization and Annuities program calculates the regular payments required to pay off a debt and the accumulation of capital from a single deposit or from regular deposits.

Amortization Calculation

The regular monthly payment required to pay off a loan is computed by entering the Initial Balance of the loan, the Annual Interest Rate, and the Duration of the Loan in years or in months. The calculation assumes that there are twelve payments in the year.

Once the three required numbers are entered, three results are displayed: The amount of the Regular Monthly Payment, The sum of the Total Payments, and The Total Interest Paid. In addition, the button for displaying the Amortization Schedule and the Print button are activated.

The Menu Bar of the Amortization Calculation form has the options:

Amortization Schedule

The Amortization Schedule provides a detailed description of the principal and interest in each monthly payment during the life of the loan. The initial values for the schedule are obtained from the Amortization Calculation form. Five columns are listed in the schedule:

The Principal plus the interest for each payment number always add up to the regular monthly payment, plus additional principal, if any. The only exception may be the last payment. The Additional Principal field makes it possible to determine how much money can be saved in interest payments. When a number is entered in this field, the Duration of the Loan, and the estimated savings are displayed.

The Next Year button displays the complete schedule one year at a time. At the end of each year the total Principal and Interest for the year are displayed with the abbreviation YTD (Year-To-Date). The month and year when the payments start can be set if it is necessary to determine the principal and interest paid on a calendar year basis.

The Print button prints the complete schedule on the default printer.

Note: The totals obtained from the Amortization Calculation and the Amortization Schedule may differ due to rounding the Monthly Payment to the nearest cent. A one cent difference in the monthly payment of a 30-year loan may cause a discrepancy of up to $3.60.

Annuity Calculations

These calculations determine the accumulation of capital from a single deposit or from regular deposits.

Single Deposit calculations: Regular Deposit calculations:

For both of these calculations the number of deposits should be 12 for monthly deposits, 26 for biweekly deposits, or 52 for weekly deposits.

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