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You can discuss any problem that you want. Madame Karima will try to address your concerns. The responses can be enigmatic because life is never simple. Sometimes you may need to rephrase your sentences using different words to clarify your requests. Madame Karima uses her Tarot cards to provide lucky numbers.

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Madame Karima is a psychic specialist who approaches Tarot card readings from a psychological point of view. Her training in the archetypes of personalities described by Carl Jung provides the basis for her characterizations of the Tarot cards. From this perspective, the Queen of Cups represents a woman full of love offering her heart, whereas the Queen of Spades is a woman ready to strike and fill your life with strife.

Dama Karima 
Madame Karima

Madame Karima recognizes that our consciousness is seeking answers that may lie beyond our grasp, and the Tarot is a tool to help your intuition find the answers within yourself. Creative people rely on dreams to bring forth solutions to hard problems. A spread of Tarot cards can show you the possibilities available to you so that you can be better prepared to recognize the course of action that you should take. Mme. Karima facilitates the interpretation of the cards to prepare you for future events.

Madame Karima is originally from Granada, the land of the Gypsies. As a young woman, Mme. Karima was interested in esoteric oriental dance and she learned the art of gathering energy from above to share with her audience around the campfires. She is skilled in tambourine dance, sword dance, veil dance, and belly dancing. The sinuous movement of her arms is gracious and reflects her mastery of muscles and mind working in unison.

There have been some technical difficulties with the remote transmissions from Granada. The network is shared by several co-workers, including Madame Flora, whose data is routed through our Latin American office, and sometimes the messages are in Spanish. Our technical staff is in the process of correcting these problems. Madame Karima's grammar has a characteristic Gypsy accent. We think this is quite charming and does not interfere with the quality of her work. The cats that sometimes jump on her keyboard are more of a problem because they tend to garble some messages, but we understand her love of animals. Please enjoy your psychic chat.

Free online Psychic Chat. This Free Psychic Chat with Mme. Flora is for entertainment only. The Madame Flora Psychic Chat medium is based on MIT Professor Joseph Weizenbaum's publication: "ELIZA - A Computer Program For the Study of Natural Language Communication Between Man and Machine", Communications of the ACM Volume 9, Number 1 (January 1966): 36-35. Weizenbaum's program, although primitive, has always been effective at extracting emotional responses from the persons who use it. ELIZA is the archetype of programs now known as chatterbots. This implementation uses John Nolan's Perl Chatbot-Eliza-1.04 with an augmented script.

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