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Consciousness and Physics

Until we understand how consciousness comes about, both normal and paranormal events are equally mysterious. Physics tries to disprove or reduce to the vanishing point, the possibility of paranormal phenomena.

A crisis of knowledge has developed when attempting to account for the fundamental definitions of time, space, matter, energy and life. — Deepak Chopra

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The inspiration for the New Age Generator came from watching philosophy debates involving Deepak Chopra. After sitting through hours of New Age rhetoric, Seb Pearce (sebpearce.com) decided to write code to generate it automatically. He cobbled together a list of New Age buzzwords and cliché sentence patterns and this is the result.

The generator produces some profound-sounding nonsense.

So, what is this for? The program illustrates that we seldom challenge statements that we do not understand because we are more likely to assume that we are ignorant, rather than that the seemingly enlightened statements of a person speaking with great conviction mean nothing. Use the output of this program as a speech for your yoga class and see if anyone can guess a computer wrote it. Use it to write the hottest new bestseller in the self-help section, or give false hope to depressed friends and family members.

The introductory statements about Consciousness and Physics were made by Deepak Chopra in a letter to Scientific American published in the January 2017 issue.

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