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English Test

You will get a different set of questions each time that you run this test.

The word "PLEONASM" means

1. Neoplasm
2. Redundancy
3. Contraction
4. Assembly

The word "RADAR" is

1. an acronym
2. a palindrome
3. an abbreviation for "RAdio Detecting And Ranging"
4. all of the above

The word "SEMANTICS" refers to

1. a series of ludicrous acts
2. fluid secretions
3. the meaning of language
4. engineering mechanics

The expression "How now brown cow" is an example of:

1. Simile
2. Allegory
3. Alliteration
4. Rhyme
5. Pleonasm

The word "HERETOFORE" means

1. Her metaphor.
2. Immediately after this.
3. Disbeliever.
4. Up to now.

Select the correct sentence.

1. The book sounds interested.
2. The book sounds interesting.
3. The books sounds interesting.

The word "its"

1. is a contraction of "it is"
2. is the possessive form of "it"
3. is the plural form of "it"
4. is equivalent to "it's"

Identify the superlative adjective

1. Quit
2. Quick
3. Quicker
4. Quickest

Select the word most appropriate to complete the sentence:
"The __________ of the school was sick yesterday."

1. prioritize
2. principle
3. principal
4. proportion

Select the correct sentence.

1. John is a carpenter.
2. John is an carpenter.
3. John is carpenter.

What is the correct hyphenation for the word "EQUILIBRIUM"?

1. e-qui-li-brium
2. equi-li-bri-um
3. e-qui-lib-ri-um
4. eq-ui-lib-rium

Select the correct sentence.

1. My friends are staying at a nice hotel.
2. My friends will be stayed at a nice hotel.
3. My friends are stayed at a nice hotel.
4. My friends stays at a nice hotel.

The word "WHETHER"

1. acts like an appetizer in the expression "Whet her hunger."
2. introduces an alternative in a sentence
3. describes meteorological phenomena
4. describes a kind of sheep

Select the word most appropriate to complete the sentence:
"__________ uses John's car has to pay him money."

1. whoever
2. whomever
3. whom
4. who

The word "WHOSE"

1. Means "to whom it belongs"
2. Is a contraction of "who is"
3. Is an abbreviation for "warehouse"
4. Is an intransitive verb.

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