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English Test

You will get a different set of questions each time that you run this test.

The word "ERUDITE" means

1. A belch
2. A kind of mineral
3. A rude person
4. A knowledgeable person

The word "WEATHER"

1. introduces an alternative in a sentence
2. is used to command horses to stop
3. describes meteorological phenomena
4. describes a kind of sheep

Select the correct usage of "you and me"

1. You and me have a secret.
2. The secret is between you and me.
3. You and me have no secrets.
4. All of the above.

Select the correct sentence.

1. John is a carpenter.
2. John is an carpenter.
3. John is carpenter.

Which meaning is appropriate for the following sentence:
"I saw her duck."

1. I observed her aquatic bird.
2. I watched her lower herself quickly.
3. I cut her aquatic bird with a serrated tool.
4. All of the above.

The word "it's"

1. is a contraction of "it is"
2. is the possessive form of "it"
3. is the plural form of "it"
4. is the same as "its"

How would you write a sentence describing that the English language
has the words "TO", "TOO", and "TWO"?

1. There are three TO's in English.
2. There are three TWO's in English.
3. There are three TOO's in English.
4. There are 3 2's in English.
5. None of the above.

The word "RADAR" is

1. an acronym
2. a palindrome
3. an abbreviation for "RAdio Detecting And Ranging"
4. all of the above

The word "EXPANSIVE" means

1. thoughtful
2. costly
3. broad
4. reformed

The word "SYNTAX" describes

1. enumeration criteria
2. a tax levied by municipalities
3. poetic terminology
4. rules for putting words together

Identify the sentence in the passive voice.

1. We wanted to understand the situation better.
2. We wanted to better understand the situation.
3. We wanted to understand better the situation.
4. The situation was understood better by us.

Select the word most appropriate to complete the sentence:
"__________ uses John's car has to pay him money."

1. whoever
2. whomever
3. whom
4. who

The sentence "He was as strong as a bull" is an example of:

1. Simile
2. Allegory
3. Alliteration
4. Rhyme
5. Pleonasm

Select the correct sentence.

1. The book sounds interested.
2. The book sounds interesting.
3. The books sounds interesting.

The word "SYNOPSIS" means

1. Secretion
2. Summary
3. Inflammation of the sinuses
4. Anesthesia

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