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Wear Comfortable Shoes to have Healthy Feet

Footprint on insole

Most foot problems are caused by ergonomically bad shoe designs. The incidence of bunions (hallux valgus), bunionettes and hammer toe are four to five times more common in women than in men. The stylish and fashionable high-heeled women's shoes with narrow toe boxes cause increased plantar pressure and toe crowding which over time distort the bones of the foot. Although only 9 percent of 30- to 60-year-olds have bunions, approximately 16 percent of people over the age 60 have them.

High-heel shoes, and ill-fitting shoes hamper mobility and increase the risk of falls. Bad insole designs can increase the pressure on the nerves of the foot and make it uncomfortable to walk. Podiatrists perform over 400,000 surgical operations per year to correct foot problems that could have been avoided by wearing comfortable, properly-fitted shoes.

Bad shoe designs are so prevalent that there is a large market for shoe inserts such as gel insoles- that make it more comfortable to walk by distributing the weight of the body over a larger area of the foot.
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