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The Mediterranean diet includes Ravioli

We hear a lot about the "Mediterranean Diet" and its positive effects on health. A study published in 1970 found that people from Crete had exceptionally low death rates from heart disease, despite moderate to high intake of fat.[1] The Cretan diet consists mostly of olive oil, bread, abundant fruit and vegetables, fish, and a moderate amount of dairy foods and wine.

Many other Mediterranean countries follow similar diets with variations depending on the local resources. In general, these diets include high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables. There is moderate consumption of cheese and yogurt, moderate consumption of wine and fish, and low consumption of meat and meat products. The total fat in this diet is 25% to 35% of calories, with saturated fat at 8% or less of calories.[2] In addition, people with low rates of heart disease participate in regular physical activity.

Mediterranean cuisine can be very tasty. You can make your own ravioli with whole-grain flour stuffed with cheese and spinach filling. Serve the ravioli topped with some marinara tomato sauce garnished with fresh basil, and accompany the meal with a tossed salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Pour a glass of red wine and enjoy. This seems much better than taking Lipitor or other cholesterol-lowering drugs. Don't you think?

Learn how to make Ravioli

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