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Snacking can derail your diet

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The word "cheating" is frequently associated with the word "diet". Just like we feel guilty when we do something that is immoral or unethical, we also feel guilt when we break our promise to stick to a diet. Guilt is good. It can lead us back to the true path. The real problem is when our guilt becomes indifference or apathy because then there are no mental or moral boundaries to give us strength to achieve our goal.

Temptation is everywhere, specially when you go to a Whole Foods supermarket at lunch time. In the fruit section there are pieces of papaya and pineapple that you can try. Walk over to the deli section and there you will find samples of hummus, tuna salad, and other dips that you can put on corn chips or crispy breads. A little bit further in the cheese section, there are cubes of different cheeses that you can try. Finally, as you go by the bakery section, you will find samples of cakes or other sweet goodies. If you have not passed all these displays with your mouth closed, you will have consumed at least 200 calories before you leave the store.

What can you do to stay on track with your diet? You can walk for 30 minutes to burn off the 200 calories, or you can cut 200 calories from your next meal. What if you don't? One day of straying from your diet won't do you great harm, but if you continually snack on 200 calories per day, you will gain one pound in less than one month. Guaranteed.
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