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Pictures of female Body Mass Index (BMI)

I recently mentioned the interesting digital human modeling work being done at the University of Washington.

From a published video, I was able to get images corresponding to several important BMI points for a male model, but the video did not have a full range of proportions for a female going from a very thin body to a very fat body. I contacted Professor Brian Curless at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at UW and he kindly provided female images for BMI points corresponding to the start of anorexia, minimum normal BMI, middle normal BMI, highest normal BMI, obesity, and morbid obesity.

Although every individual is different, the pictures provide representative images of how a person with a specific BMI might look. When you compute your BMI, you can refer to the pictures and ask yourself: "Do I really look like that?" The answer is usually "Yes."

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