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How do you start Calorie Restriction?

Calorie restriction has been shown to extend the maximum life span of many species, but you have to start cautiously. Many people start calorie restriction with such zeal that they worsen their health instead of increasing their longevity. People who start with high degrees of calorie restriction and don't monitor their nutrition sometimes find out that they have lost bone mass, resulting in osteoporosis. My specific recommendations about how to start on Calorie Restriction are these:\n
  1. Read Dr. Roy Walford's book Beyond the 120 Year Diet: How to Double Your Vital Years-. This book describes the science which we hope will help us live longer, although this has not been conclusively proved for humans.
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  3. Download CRON-o-Meter (spaz.ca/cronometer/). This is a free nutrition-tracking program that will help you to analyze your food so that you can learn to optimize what you eat. You don't have to start a diet, but you have to start measuring and weighing what you eat. In this way, you will learn how many calories you are now consuming on a daily basis, and you will also get a summary of your macronutrient ratios. The program will also point out any nutritional deficiencies.
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  5. Get some lab tests to establish a medical baseline including lipid panel, CBC, blood pressure, bone density, etc.
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  7. Join the CR Society. This will give you access to support from many members who can answer your specific questions.
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  9. Concentrate on Optimum Nutrition. Try to devise daily menus that meet 100% of the RDA of all vitamins and minerals. You may find some recipes in Dr. Sears Zone Diet books. Try to get your nutrition from foods rather than supplements.
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  11. Exercise 30 minutes per day with emphasis on strength-building exercises, but don't overdo it to avoid getting injured.
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  13. Use the Calorie Restriction Calculator to determine the number of calories required to achieve 5% Calorie Restriction. Start with a 5% CR diet, but make sure that you still achieve Optimum Nutrition on the lower calorie diet.
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  15. Once you are familiar with measuring your food and optimum nutrition, you can gradually reduce your calories, but I would not recommend going below 16% CR.
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\nIt takes a long time to fine tune your nutrition. It is a way of life.

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