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Thai Curry Restaurant

The Thai Curry restaurant is located at 307 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203. The restaurant is in a little shopping center next to several other restaurants selling shish-kabobs, Mexican food and Chinese food, so it has a lot of competition.

Thai Curry Restaurant

I went to Thai Curry because I had a Groupon coupon that offered a substantial discount and I wanted to try something new.

  Thai Curry restaurant interior

The interior of the Thai Curry restaurant is decorated with sleek modern furniture with a black-and-white theme. The chairs are white and the tabletops are black. The plates are shaped like white squares and the napkins have a black-and-white checkerboard design. The restaurant features dishes that are commonly sold in the streets of Thailand and innovations of traditional Thai dishes by chef Jaruwan Punkruen.

Thai Curry restaurant egg rolls

An order of Spring Rolls has three crispy, crunchy rolls sliced diagonally. They are filled with shrimp, pork, shitake mushrooms and other vegetables. The rolls are garnished with shredded cabbage and carrots accompanied with a tangy sweet-and-sour chili sauce. If you ask for additional hot sauce, they bring a tray of condiments in small glazed ceramic pots.

Thai Curry restaurant Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the most well-known Thai dishes. chewy rice noodles are flavored with palm sugar, tamarind, lime juice and fish sauce. Your choice of beef, chicken, pork, tofu or mixed vegetables is stir-fried with egg, sweet pickled radish and spring onion. The noodles are topped with crunchy bean sprouts and served with a wedge of fresh lime and crushed roasted peanuts on the side.

Thai Curry restaurant crispy soft-shell crabs

An order of Crispy Soft Shell Crabs has two soft shell crabs lightly battered and deep-fried. The crabs are served on a bed of lettuce with stir-fried vegetables like broccoli, sliced carrots, cauliflower and basil leaves topped with your choice of sauce. The chili garlic sauce has a blend of chili peppers, garlic and a sweet base. The yellow curry sauce has curry powder sautéed with oyster sauce, nam prik pao, white pepper, egg, fresh chilies and Chinese celery. The Panang curry sauce has a coconut milk base that is slightly sweet and not too hot. The dish is served with a side dish of steamed rice.

You can call the Thai Curry restaurant at (703) 524-0711. The restaurant has a web site that lists their complete menu: //www.thaicurry.us/

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