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Russia House Restaurant

The Russia House restaurant & lounge is located at 1800 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20009, about two blocks north of Dupont Circle.

Russia House Restaurant

The restaurant opens at five PM during the weekdays and at six PM on the weekends. The lounge operates until midnight during the weekdays, and until 2 AM on Friday and Saturday.

Russia House hours   Russia House Lounge

The Russia House restaurant occupies what once was an elegant private residence. The lounge is immediately to the right of the vestibule. The walls are covered with wood paneling, and the room is dimly lit with candles at the tables and electrical chandeliers overhead and on the walls. Traditional Russian songs provide a musical background to the cozy atmosphere.

Russia House bread

The tables at the Russia House restaurant are set with heavy white linen tablecloths and napkins and nice silverware. A basket of bread and soft butter is brought to the table while you wait for your order. The bread basket has freshly baked white rye bread and a dark raisin and nut bread. Both are delicious.

Russia House smoked salmon

The smoked salmon is an appetizer platter with a couple of round salmon slices that have been baked until golden brown. The salmon is topped with a spoonful of black caviar and accompanied by a garnish made from slices of marinated red onions and chopped dill. The salmon and garnish are placed on a plate with a base of tangy tartar sauce mixed with black caviar.

Russia House pierogis

The pierogis are baked dumplings stuffed with potato, apple wood bacon, caramelized onion and smoked duck breast. The dough for the pierogis is flaky puff pastry.

Russia House shashlik

The shashlik, which is one of the dinner entrées, is a pork shish-kabob marinated in a traditional Russian style. The pieces of meat are served around a saffron rice pilaf topped with cabbage braised in sherry and garlic cream. The dish is sprinkled with chopped chives. This is a tasty and satisfying dish.

Russia House blini

The blini with tvorog consist of crepes filled with curd cheese that have been rolled up and fried until crispy. This side dish can be eaten as an appetizer or as a dessert. The blini are served with honey butter and crispy pickled cucumbers and pearl onions.

You can call the Russia House restaurant at (202) 234-9433. The restaurant has a web site that lists their complete menu: //www.russiahouselounge.com/

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