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Jerusalem Restaurant

The Jerusalem Restaurant offers Palestinian Middle Eastern cuisine at 3405 Payne Street, Falls Church, Virginia 22041. The restaurant is open from 10 AM to 11 PM daily, but closes at midnight on Friday and Saturday. The restaurant is located in a small shopping center with ample parking.

Jerusalem Restaurant, Falls Church
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The Jerusalem Restaurant is spacious and features a counter with pastries and sweets. The tabletops are made of ceramic tiles with Arabesque motifs. There are booths and tables available for the customers.

Jerusalem Restaurant, Falls Church, VA
Jerusalem Restaurant interior

Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup (Adas) with sautéed onion

Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma with salad and humus

One of the house specialties is a Shawarma platter. It can be made of chicken or beef thinly sliced and marinated in Middle Eastern spices. The shawarma is served with garlic sauce, slices of tomato and fresh bread.

Baba Ghanouj
Baba Ghanouj appetizer
Yogurt Drink
Yogurt Drink

The Baba Ghanouj appetizer is made of a blend of charbroiled eggplant and tahini dressing with olive oil. This dish has the slight smoky fragrance of the roasting process by which the skin of the eggplant is removed.

Makluba rice casserole

The Makluba is a rice casserole with vegetables that is turned upside-down when served. The picture above shows that the carrots are mixed in with the rice, but the diced sautéed eggplant is used as garnish on the dish. The Makluba is served with yogurt sauce.

Lamb Kabsa
Lamb Kabsa

The Lamb Kabsa is a Middle eastern lamb stew served on a bed of rice.

Arabic pastries

The Jerusalem restaurant has a large selection of Middle Eastern and Arabic pastries and desserts. These include Kinafa with cream or cheese, Basboosa, Baklava, Rice Pudding and Mamoul with dates or nuts.

Arabic coffee
Arabic Coffee

The dessert may be accompanied with Arabic coffee. The strong aromatic coffee is served in a small demitasse. After you drink your coffee, you can turn the cup upside-down on the dish and wait three minutes so that the grounds of the coffee may be interpreted.

Jerusalem Restaurant waiter

Reading of coffee grounds or tea leaves has traditionally been practiced in many countries. Coffee reading is known as cafeomancy. In this picture, Ahmad, the waiter, explains how the coffee grounds are interpreted.

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Call the Jerusalem restaurant at (703) 379-4200. Find more information about the restaurant at its web site: www.jerusalem-va.net

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