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Full Kee Chinese Restaurant

The Full Kee Restaurant offers Chinese cuisine at 509 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20001. The location is in the heart of Chinatown, one block and a half east from the Gallery Place Metro station. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. The restaurant offers beer and wine for persons over 21.

Full Kee Chinese Restaurant

The Full Kee restaurant is within a few blocks of many of Washington's attractions, such as the National Portrait Gallery and the Verizon Center that hosts hockey games and popular music concerts.

Full Kee Restaurant exterior
Full Kee Restaurant exterior

The exterior of the Full Key restaurant has a small front, but it has a large number of tables on two levels on the inside.

Full Kee Restaurant interior
Full Kee Restaurant interior

The restaurant uses the typical Chinese paper place mats and paper napkins. The service is fast and courteous.

Full Kee Restaurant window preparation area
Full Kee Restaurant window preparation area

Like many restaurants in Washington's Chinatown, the Full Kee restaurant has a picture window where passersby can see the chef and a big cauldron of boiling water that is used to prepare the noodle dishes. Roasted ducks hang behind a glass case that also holds roasted pork that can be sliced on the soups.

Full Kee Restaurant seafood pan-fried noodles
Seafood pan-fried noodles

The food at Full Key is well prepared and the servings are generous. A dish of seafood pan-fried noodles is large enough to serve two persons. The noodles at the bottom absorb the juices and are soft and chewy, whereas the noodles on the side have a crunchy texture. The seafood includes shrimp, squid and scallops. The vegetables are Chinese broccoli, sliced carrots, and mushrooms.

Full Kee Restaurant stir-fried snow pea greens with garlic
Stir-fried snow pea leaves with garlic

The stir-fried snow pea leaves with garlic are very tasty. Of course, you must like garlic.

Full Kee Restaurant spicy pork chops
Spicy pork chops

The Spicy pork chops is a platter of pork chops that have been battered and deep fried, topped with stir-fried chopped green onions and green peppers. The plate is garnished with orange slices and sprigs of cilantro.

Call the Full Kee restaurant at (202) 371-2233 Find more information about the restaurant at its web site: www.fullkeedc.com

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