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Cubano's Restaurant

Cubano's Restaurant offers Cuban cuisine at 1201 Fidler Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20910. The restaurant hours are: Sunday to Thursday from 11:30 am with the last sitting at 9:00 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am until the last sitting at 10:00 pm. Ample parking is available at a public garage one block north of the restaurant. I visited the restaurant on the recommendation of a Cuban diplomat living in Washington, D.C.

Cubano's Restaurant exterior

The restaurant also offers the famous "mojito" drinks, which are made with crushed mint, lime, sugar, rum, and sparkling water.

menu cover  Cubano's Restaurant interior
Cubano's Restaurant interior

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with brightly colored walls and paintings of tropical scenes. Latin American music plays in the background.

Garlic Bread Ham croquetes
Garlic bread and Ham Croquettes

A basket of warm garlic bread is brought to your table after you order. As an appetizer, we ordered Croquetas de Jamón al Estilo Fermin which are smooth smoked ham croquettes accompanied by a tomato-garlic mojo (sauce).

Ropa Vieja - shredded beef
Ropa Vieja - shredded beef

The Ropa Vieja "Old Clothes" is shredded beef in Cuban-style sauce with tomato, garlic, onion and red and green peppers. White rice, fried ripe plantain, and a small cup of black bean soup accompany the dish. I really liked the bean soup. It was well seasoned and had a pleasant subtle taste of cloves.

Fish filet
Filete de Pescado a la Varadero

Filete de Pescado a la Varadero is a fish dinner modeled after the one served on the famed Cuban beach of Varadero. A filet of fresh snapper is served on a bed of sliced sweet plantains, topped by thinly sliced onions, green and red peppers, zucchini and carrots, flavored with garlic, and a dash of anise-flavored Pernod, wrapped, baked and steamed gently in foil. This dish is served with white rice, fried ripe plantains, and a small cup of black bean soup.

Call Cubano's restaurant at (301) 563-4020. Find more information about the restaurant at its web site: www.cubanosrestaurant.com

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