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Addis Ababa Restaurant

The Addis Ababa Restaurant offers Ethiopian cuisine at 8233 Fenton Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910. The area has a multitude of Ethiopian restaurants and grocery stores.

Exterior of the Addis Ababa Restaurant
Exterior of the Addis Ababa Restaurant

The central part of Silver Spring where this restaurant is located has parking along the street, but it is difficult to find a parking space.

Addis Ababa Restaurant interior
Addis Ababa Restaurant Interior

The restaurant has some low coffee tables, and normal size tables. The walls are decorated with Ethiopian motifs and rhythmic Ethiopian music plays in the background.

Addis Ababa Restaurant Bar

The bar offers a wide variety of drinks in front of a large TV.

Sambusa filled with lentils
Sambusa filled with lentils

Sambusas are puff pastry triangular pies filled with peppers and onions and either beef or lentils. They are infused with the flavorful aroma of cumin.

Ethiopian entrees served family style
Ethiopian entrées served "family style"

Doro Wat is an Ethiopian specialty dish consisting of a thick chicken stew slow-cooked for many hours with berbere, a mixture of chili peppers, garlic, ginger and other aromatic spices. Doro Wat is served with a hard-boiled egg, either spicy (Key) or mild (Alicha).

Yebeg Tibs are chunks of lamb pan sautéed with Ethiopian butter, onions and tomatoes garnished with slices of jalapeño peppers. The entrees are generally accompanied with small servings of vegetables, such as lentils, collard greens, chopped tomato salsa, etc.

The entrées are served individually or as "Family Style", where several entrées are placed on a common platter lined with injera. No forks or eating utensils are used when eating Ethiopian food. You eat by wrapping with your fingers bite-sized morsels with pieces of injera flat bread and taking the food to your mouth.

Injera is a sourdough flatbread with a spongy texture made out of teff flour. Teff is the seed of a grass native to Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Call the Addis Ababa restaurant at (301) 589-1400. Find more information about the restaurant at its web site.

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